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Are You Struggling To Learn The Blues?

I teach you how to make YOUR BLUES sound like THE BLUES

Yes! I Want To Learn The Blues!


Don't waste any more time becoming the player you want to be. You can begin noticeable improvement within a few days. 

  • 38 Lessons - dig deep into blues sound and technique

  • Over 6 hours of video instruction and 3 hours of backing tracks

  • Access to the private FB group for inspiration and assistance 

  • Two vital guides to help your practice and your mindset  

  • Make NOTICEABLE PROGRESS in 20 minutes a day

Yes! I Want To Learn The Blues!
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    My absolutely simple (NO HASSLE!), really fast (ASAP!) 30 day money back guarantee: 

    If for any reason this course isn't a good fit for you, just let me know - I will get your money back as fast as humanly possible, and I'll thank you for trying my course!

    Take this free gift with you to get started the right way

    • How to get over the "I Suck" syndrome 

    • Why talent is just a myth

    • Learn to trust your own comittment to practice

    • Discover the mental blocks holding you back

    • Tips that can be applied to your whole life

    Let's Hear What Others Are Saying

    Dan Shreve


    “Matt is the go-to guy for my studio work, and precision piano, organ and other keyboard ideas. Matt is like the Zen master of modern piano."

    Ron Yarman


    "If you want to nail the sound you hear when you listen to your favorite blues and rock, GET THESE LESSONS! Matt really takes you deep and tells you what to do when you get there."

    Ron Stephens


    "Matt improved my approach, solos, and creativity. His understanding of theory - put in very simple terms - is of value to every upcoming student/performer."

    David Miller


    Man can this guy play the keys!!! On top of that his professionalism and music knowledge are off the charts. He will always go the extra mile when explaining things to make sure you fully understand.

    Real Clear Keyboards

    What You'll Learn In This Intermediate Blues Keyboards Course

  • The building blocks of the blues - what they are and how to use them.

  • How to comp like a pro - become proficient in the most important function of a musician.

  • The versatile blues scale - a clear way to expand the power of your blues scale. 12 scales = 36 scales. 

  • Improvise anywhere, anytime, over any music. 

  • The Big Bad Secret about blues licks - and how to make your own

  • Play with confidence in any situation. 

  • Get The Course

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